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Endorsement from Joseph McClendon III

Staying at home after a broken bone, I started to brood and sink into depression. And having attended Coach Krystal's program, it was like a revival from a near drowning... This boost, I really needed it more than anything. Today, I'm not even in the perspective of "What if I fail...", but rather in the perspective of "When I succeed, how will I feel? Thank you very much, Krystal. It's fantastic...I have a lot of energy and now I'm doing great. I met a friend of mine, who was very surprised and curious to see me in such good shape and glowing. And I recommended her to attend the Reboot and Boost You Challenge.


Technology Coordinator

Krystal, after attending this 5-Day Challenge, I’m boosting myself and changed unhealthy habits. What happens around me does no longer affect me as much negatively. I am much more aware of the signals that depress me and I have become more intentional and equipped to get out of those dark moments. Thank you!

Cephora N.

Financial Analyst

I use to sporadically have some actions without clearly knowing the impact and the neuroscience rationale behind. During the program, Krystal explained that so simply that I am now more intentional about what to do to remain stress-less. And this even adds to the quality of my day-to-day job and how to train my team about handling customers without overwhelm. I look forward to the next round of the Challenge and I’ve already some friends and colleagues to invite.

Mary M.

Customer Relationships Expert

It takes the time that it takes, but I’m getting so much better and start believing again in myself. It is so good to have someone else who believes in you. It gives courage to keep on moving and not quit. Krystal, I thank you for your coaching. I had lost hope due to anxiety and brain issue, and here I am with my first steps towards a better future. I have just been promoted to a new position, something I was not about to, only a couple of months back. Thank you so much.

Debby A.

Operations Supevisor

These past months, I was so stressed-out by work and family requests. My mood and performance were so negatively impacted. While I was attending Coach Krystal’s program and implementing some of the strategies learnt, the change was surprising: Not only I was able to be internally happier, but even my colleagues noticed an improvement in the quality of my work and interactions with them. I resumed healthy eating and exercising, which have noticeable benefit on my energy level. How I wish to have a platform to keep the momentum obtained during the program.

Martine T.

B2B Relationships Specialist

Being coached by Krystal has immensely contributed into facilitating communication skills, I will say connection capabilities with my new Team of collaborators. This has resulted into lowering the common pressure attached to such a change and getting rapid promising results within the Company.

Pauline E.

Chief Executive Officer


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