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SereneBoss Method

... for the Busy Female Leader

Wake-Up Serene - Walk Through Productive

How to design your 90-Day Serenity Plan and knock out stress and overwhelm!


Dear working lady, are you looking for how to knock out stress and stay productive, while juggling multiple responsibilities?

Don’t resign yourself to a life in survival mode because of your job! Wondering how to lead your multiple personal and professional responsibilities without overwhelm, so that you can be serene, productive yet not lose yourself to stress? Want to see what’s possible for you?

Join the 6-Week SereneBoss Method for Busy Female Leaders, to…

  • Wake up energized, enjoy dynamic vitality and minimal stress till sundown despite the day’s pressures!

  •  Discover your personal rhythm to de-escalate stress spots and seamlessly integrate daily bits of productive habits.

  • Design and live out your unique (first or next) 90-day Leader’s Serenity Plan.

Picture yourself six weeks from now: you're waking up effortlessly at dawn, feeling like a powerhouse, crushing each day with a level of calm vitality you thought was out of reach, stress is a distant memory, and vitality is your new norm, all because you embraced your tailored journey to serene productivity.


Meet with Krystal

For long my lean physique was a bit puzzling - I've studied and worked in high-pressure, male-dominant domains and never let that slow me down. People often tell me that my firm handshake is a surprise for them. And that's just me, usually defying expectations.

 As a seasoned executive, having climbed the career ladder in fast-moving industries, I’ve witnessed and experienced the severe stress that comes with high-level business undertakings, growing family responsibilities, and any other hat that I had to bear.

I know the toll high-pressure scenarios can take on your psyche. And I have encapsulated in my Amazon best-selling book, 'Unplugging from Stress and Burn-out,' reliable, practical strategies to avoid the top 10 pitfalls of mental health.

In my journey to overcome chronic stress and its impact in my entire life, it was my commitment to equip myself with the best solutions for managing overall wellness concisely and effectively. So, rather than allow stress, burn-out to consume me, I chose to pursue the power to create daily serenity no matter how stressful my life might become.

There are 2 pivotal moments I remember vividly: 

The first was back in 2010 when a caring colleague warned me, before leaving the office: "Krystal, be careful about these late working hours! If one day you are down, they will replace you by a Christiane!" 

The second moment was on a Saturday. My husband told me that I was only giving to our family the left-over and the shadow of myself, meanwhile the kids were looking at me with sad eyes. Their mum was not having the strength to enjoy the beautiful day with them.


I became a Specialist of Serenity Management, a Work-Life Harmony Warrior, empowering leaders to default to their best-self and fight overwhelm in the midst of life. I've pursued developing out-of-the-box relatable, and easy to apply methods from intensive mentorship under the likes of Dr Daniel Amen and Dr Joseph McLendon III. A suit of training and coaching programs, which helps harness cognitive superpower, was born.


It provides an exclusive blend of scientific and proven knowledge for practical applications, with insights into the workings of the brain, as a hardware and a software, crafting strategies based on how it functions best.


Creating a better life isn't just about helping people in their professional success. I believe in leading from within, and my spirituality is what fuels this belief. My faith in God has always been there for me, providing a solid foundation even in the toughest of life’s seasons.


Think about this, who better to help you attain and maintain serenity and wellness, no matter what, than someone who practices it daily and not just during vacations? That's the same grit and strategies I now pass onto my clients, tailoring them to their unique needs. I’m a firm believer in driving work-life harmony with productivity and not leaving it for 'tomorrow'. This commitment is the secret reserve that’s helped me, and so many others, dodge regrets and maintain serenity.

Dozens of professional women have significantly benefited from my group coaching programs. Up to 85% have reported remarkable improvements in alleviating chronic stress, boosting business performance, enhancing memory recovery, and fostering stronger relationships.


I'm invested in providing a genuine, results-oriented and customized path towards a fulfilling and productive harmonious life, to leaders that are tired of good resolutions and yearning for revolution of their overall wellbeing.

Keep Growing, Keep Glowing From Inside Out!




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