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Unplug From Stress and Burnout

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Meet Krystal Atchom

What happens when a business strategist, executive director, and blessed mom of two realizes she wants more ease and serenity for herself and for the women on her teams, rather than the constant stress of trying to juggle family and health with building a meaningful and rewarding career? She embarks upon a personal journey to explore the “How to” manual for a fulfilling and balanced life, and in the process she discovers coaching as a powerful means for growth and transformation.

Krystal Atchom, is a Licensed Brain Health Warrior , dual Elite Neuro-encoding Specialist, certified Coach and Trainer with Maxwell Team. She specializes in empowering female leaders to thrive with grace both in their personal & professional lives, while pushing back stress and mental fatigue as they realize their true potential and build a legacy they love.

85% of the leaders who went through Krystal's Coaching and Training Programs have seen notorious improvement in their personal lives and exponential growth in their leadership position, as they are able to identify and eliminate the mental blocks delaying their rise to next level. From chronic stress-free and memory recovery to career promotions and business performance growth, their benefits are numerous.

When not helping women thrive from within further, faster by leveraging their brain superpower, Krystal is passionate about gospel music, orphanage charity, and a farming project launched with her husband in the neighborhood of the sunny city of Douala, where they live. 

Endorsement from Joseph McClendon III


I am thrilled to recommend Krystal Atchom's book, “Unplugging from Stress and Burn-out: Avoiding the Top 10 Pitfalls of Mental Health.” This empowering guide is a transformative resource for experienced female professionals and entrepreneurs, seeking relief from stress and burn-out.Krystal's insights dive deep into the challenges faced by these women, revealing the often overlooked red flags and unintentional neglect of their own wellbeing. Her words inspire and encourage you to take action, guiding you towards self-discovery and healing.

Nene E.

Self-love and Confidence Coach

Reading Krystal Atchom's "Unplugging from Stress and Burn-out - Avoiding the Top 10 Pitfalls of Mental Health" I often caught myself nodding in agreement or recognition with the stressful situations that she depicted.

The techniques she teaches to achieve true relief can be employed easily with quick results. A professional woman does not have time for lengthy and complicated solutions to this all-too-common situation.

Frankly, it is not usually addressed in many situations as professional women are expected to be "Super Women"; doing everything perfectly without complaining or breaking down.

Yayoi K.

Life Transformation Coach